Bottom line they know what it takes to make a good athlete great.”


Parent of a Speed & Endurance Athlete

“My son has been going to CSI for 3 months.  I plan on him being enrolled long term. He has really enjoyed it and we have seen amazing improvement in his strength, running and overall mentality.  It has been a stress buster for him and a wonderful way to work through some anxiety.  It’s funny – I remember when i first made my call to inquire, I spoke with John and told him I don’t expect an Olympic athlete and his response was, ‘Never say never!’ I did not quite know what to expect, but I felt I owed it to my son to make him the best he can be.  We are just thrilled with the improvement, the coaches and the facility. Most of all, the confidence he is building.  He is not an “elite” athlete.  He has to work hard – it is not natural.  He feels (and is) stronger which equates to a huge boost in how he feels about himself.  Coach Tom especially brings out something in him that makes him dig deep. I know it’s not “cool” for mom’s to watch, but I just love it.  Thanks for all you do!” 

Leanne Hegler

Parent of a Speed & Conditioning Athlete

“As a parent and coach, my experience with the CSI Athlete and the Parisi Program has been both positive and impactive.  Over the last 7 seven years, I have observed male and female athletes of varying ages experience growth in performance and in maturity.  While the improvement in performance is easy to measure, it is difficult to quantify the benefit of the mental aspect of the program over time.  I have seen athletes build self-esteem, gain knowledge for injury prevention/dietary intake and enjoy an important social bond with other athletes.  What impresses me most is that John Collis employs coaches that I consider high quality role models, often taking an interest in athlete’s development beyond sports performance and athletic training.

Parents, coaches and athletes that are looking for a professionally structured, goal-oriented athletic performance program should consider CSI Athlete.” 


BBHHS Varsity Softball Coach

“As a coach and a parent, I have the highest level of trust and respect for John Collis and his coaching staff at CSI Athlete.  Not only have their training methods provided incredible results, they have always provided an unparalleled degree of professionalism.  John has an unbelieveable knowledge base that he draws from to formulate training programs for each of his athletes.  John’s understading of biomechanics and training protocols was instrumental in helping my son Quincy reach his Track and Field goals.  I highly recommend John Collis and the CSI Athlete Team to any and all levels and ages of athletes, from the young novice to the elite professional.”


Head Coach, Stars of Tomorrow Athletic Club and Father of Quincy Downing, 2014 NCAA Track and Field, Indoor National Champion and 2016 USA Olympic Trials Qualifier

“I began training with John Collis and CSI Athlete in 2007 while rehabbing from a knee injury during my high school athletic career.  John and his team of coaches were instrumental in my recovery from this injury, designing a personalized athletic training program structured to rehabilitate and strengthen.  I continued training with CSI Athlete while pursuing Division I college athletics as a pitcher for the Ohio State University Baseball Team, focusing on speed, agility, strength and conditioning as well as nutrition.  John and his staff has offered high level expertise at all athletic training levels.  My customized programs have helped me attain my personal goals and contribute to team goals in the off season.  Coach Collis’ training and expertise has assisted me at every level: From high school, college and now as a professional baseball player with the Miami Marlins.”


former MLB Pitcher, Miami Marlins

“Coach Collis and CSI Athlete has allowed me to become a better athlete and in turn has allowed me to perform at a much higher level in my chosen sport, baseball.  The progress I made has been amazing to me and I did not think it could happen as fast as it did.  John and his trainers designed a workout program that was specific to my weaknesses and have made them into strengths.  The positive nature of the workouts built a team environment, which motivated everyone in the class including myself.  Even though the workouts can be hard, the trainers work on perfect form so when you get into school workouts or college, you’ll be ready to work out the right way and avoid injury.  I will continue to train with Coach Collis and the CSI Athelte Team until they tell me I can’t come back!”


Walsh Jesuit High School, Class of 2019 University of Buffalo, Baseball Recruit

“Whether your goal is to advance high school performance, participate in college athletics, or compete on the national stage, John Collis and his CSI Athlete coaches will grant the competitive edge to take the next step.  I began training with Coach Collis and the CSI Athlete Team in 2006, as a high school swimmer with the goal to compete at the state level.  I quickly became invested in goal setting, heightening performance capacity, and tailoring speed and agility to my sport – all unique components of Coach Collis and his highly experienced performance coaches.  Over the course of 7 years at CSI Athlete, I had the opportunity to train with elite athletes of all sports, implement speed and strength training techniques to swimming, and foster mentorships that continue to this day.  I truly believe Coach Collis and CSI Athlete was a crucial component to both my physical and mental performance enhancement, being a steady resource for my progress from the state to collegiate, and national to international level.”


NCAA Division I National Champion Swimmer

“Enjoyed 2 classes at CSI Athlete this week. I would sign up tomorrow if we lived here. John is a superior coach/trainer. This group knows what you need to push yourself and meet goals INJURY free. Whether you’re a college athlete or working professional this program will get you there. It’s not easy but it’s rewarding.”


Drop-In Strength Athlete

“I always enjoy the Strength class. The coaches are great and everyone encourages each other. My daughter can also take the kids Strength & Conditioning class at the same time, so we enjoy our family time together showing it’s important to stay healthy.”


Strength Athlete & Parent of a Speed & Conditioning Athlete

“Barbell Strength and Body Weight Strength classes have been ideal for me for several reasons:

First of all, you can’t beat the coaching at CSI. You get individualized help within a small group setting from coaches who are attentive, patient, and concerned with your improvement and safety. They are fun and friendly and make each gym visit something to look forward to.

The programming at CSI, in which Strength and Conditioning alternate, provides for balanced and very do-able workouts. I know that I have done something good for my body in a safe and controlled way. There’s no dread factor when working out at CSI. I’ve never gotten bored (since 2012!) and I always look forward to coming back.

Finally, it’s a beautiful facility; spacious and open with plenty of equipment that allows for a lot of freedom and variety. I have much LOVE for CSI!” 


Strength Athlete

“I am new to CSI Athlete. I was looking for something different and challenging but needed to find some place that could teach me how to perform exercises properly, with good body mechanics, so I would not hurt myself. John Collis is great with this and takes time to show you the movements and correct your body position, especially your back, which is really important. The workouts are challenging and the environment is non-intimidating. The coaches are all great and I am enjoying my time here. I recommend the Strength program for anyone looking to improve there function, mobility and over health & fitness. Thanks!” 


Strength Athlete

“CSI has improved my overall conditioning. I’ve noticed my strength improving and my physical appearance. My oldest nephew also works out with the kids and he notices his improvement as well. CSI provides a professional, friendly, and challenging environment.”


Strength Athlete & Uncle of a Speed & Strength Athlete