Team Training

To be successful, teams today need to be fast, agile, strong, and flexible. Since 1991, CSI Athlete and The Parisi Speed School have been working with teams all over the country to provide cutting edge training information that gives a team an advantage over their competitio

The Team Training Pyramid

Coaches would agree that speed, power, flexibility, balance and endurance are the foundation of any good team. In order for a team to be truly successful in any sport, that team must possess each of these fundamental characteristics. If just one of these components is missing, the team will not achieve their full athletic potential.

Team Training Programs

If you want to give your athletes every piece of cutting edge training information, you are not going to be able to do it alone as coaches do not have the time or coaching resources to effectively work with their athletes at improving these traits. CSI Athlete is here to be your resource for this information.

Team programs are tailored to each teams’ specific needs and can be conducted for teams of all sizes, ages, and levels of ability. The number of training sessions, dates of each session, and times of each session must be agreed upon prior to the beginning of the program. 


Off-Site Location

Number Of Athletes
  • Prices listed below are based on a one hour session, per athlete
  • 5-9 – $18 / athlete
  • 10-15 – $15 / athlete
  • 16-20 – $13 / athlete
  • 21+ – $12 / athlete

“As a parent and coach, my experience with the CSI Athlete and the Parisi Program has been both positive and impactive.  Over the last 7 seven years, I have observed male and female athletes of varying ages experience growth in performance and in maturity.  While the improvement in performance is easy to measure, it is difficult to quantify the benefit of the mental aspect of the program over time.  I have seen athletes build self-esteem, gain knowledge for injury prevention/dietary intake and enjoy an important social bond with other athletes.  What impresses me most is that John Collis employs coaches that I consider high quality role models, often taking an interest in athlete’s development beyond sports performance and athletic training.

Parents, coaches and athletes that are looking for a professionally structured, goal-oriented athletic performance program should consider CSI Athlete.” 


BBHHS Varsity Softball Coach

“As a coach and a parent, I have the highest level of trust and respect for John Collis and his coaching staff at CSI Athlete.  Not only have their training methods provided incredible results, they have always provided an unparalleled degree of professionalism.  John has an unbelieveable knowledge base that he draws from to formulate training programs for each of his athletes.  John’s understading of biomechanics and training protocols was instrumental in helping my son Quincy reach his Track and Field goals.  I highly recommend John Collis and the CSI Athlete Team to any and all levels and ages of athletes, from the young novice to the elite professional.”


Head Coach, Stars of Tomorrow Athletic Club and Father of Quincy Downing, 2014 NCAA Track and Field, Indoor National Champion and 2016 USA Olympic Trials Qualifier