CSI Athlete is committed to improving and preserving the quality of life through innovative and inspiring health, fitness and athletic performance services. 

Why CSI Athlete?

For over 20 years, CSI Athlete has been providing safe and effective Sports Performance and Fitness Training services for people of all ages and abilities. Our athletes range from youth beginner levels through the Pros.

Our experienced coaching staff consists of nationally certified strength and conditioning coaches, exercise physiologists, physical therapists and sports medicine physicians.  Our Sports Performance Coaches are all trained and certified under the Parisi Speed School Training System. We are all committed to help each of our athletes reach their sport performance, health and fitness goals.

We appreciate your interest in CSI Athlete and look forward to coaching you in your athletic pursuits!

Dear Athletes, Parents and Coaches,

Thank you for checking out the CSI Athlete. There are countless benefits to sports including self-discipline, good sportsmanship, and time management skills. Competition allows athletes to experience success and to learn how to treat success and failure as two sides of the same coin, while becoming healthy and physically fit, getting strong, getting fast, meeting friends and having fun.

CSI’s training philosophy is quite simple, yet surprisingly rare in American sports today: CSI Builds Athletes. Our unique commitment to prioritizing athletic development has resulted in the development of great athletes. This approach to training has proven to provide our athletes a foundation in which sport specific skills can be greatly maximized. Sadly, most sports in the US tend to focus mostly on sport-specific skills. This short-term success model of developing an over-skilled, under-athletic child leads to minimal long-term success in their sport while increasing the risk of overuse injuries and emotional burnout.

While some organizations have begun to understand that skill development should follow athletic development, few teams are truly doing anything to reverse this trend. This is where CSI comes in. CSI has invested in coaches that are trained and committed to athletic development. The training takes place in our state of the art sports performance and strength training facility. “We Build Athletes” is more than a slogan; it is a lifestyle for our entire CSI family.

Our coaching staff has grown and developed many great athletes, state champions, national champions, Olympic trial qualifiers and professional athletes. We are excited to continue that tradition and look forward to working with you to help you reach your peak potential. Please feel free to call to find out more information or to get started!


John S. Collis III, Ph.D. CSCS
CSI Program Director
p. 440-263-5676
e. schedule@csiathlete.com