AVC Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

An upcoming USSF D License coach and ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, with over 20+ years of decorated soccer experience (High School, College, and Professional), Michael Schmid has a true love for the game of soccer. Even though he is hard of hearing and a Type 1 Diabetic, Mikey has always been a positive, upbeat model and continues to overcome adversity, using soccer as an avenue to push forward in his life and path.

He is constantly thriving to improve his fitness and soccer knowledge to become a more complete player and coach. With a 32-19-3 record as the head coach of Oberlin High School Varsity Soccer, he has found insightful ways to coach individuals and teams to success on and off the field and play with a passion for the game. He hopes to continue to inspire the athletes he comes across to show they can achieve many goals if they continue to work at their craft and keep their sights on their goals.

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Additional Info:

Michael Schmid has been hard of hearing ever since he was born (75% deaf in right ear and 90% deaf in left ear). He has worn hearing aids since he was diagnosed when he was two years old to overcome his hearing disability. Mikey was sent to Masson elementary school in Lorain to learn sign language and speak English at the same time to communicate with all of his peers. He worked hard to overcome many obstacles and one of the avenues he used to overcome his adversity is a sport he lives and breathes through and what is known as the most popular sport in the world: soccer.

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