CSI Athlete Owner, Executive Director

Photo with Senator Matt Dolan and 2018 & 2019 State Record Holder, National Champion & CSI Athlete, Hannah Bach

John Collis is the founder and director of CSI Athlete.  After spending 25 years of his professional career dedicated to empowering the lives of people of all ages and all abilities through improved health and fitness and nearly twenty years of owning and operating a large fitness club in the area, the Exercise Physiologist made the decision to sell the fitness club in order to focus exclusively on his true passion of coaching.  In 2009, Collis opened Cleveland Sports Institute, a health, fitness and athletic performance facility.  

Collis is a former All-American distance freestyler, US Olympic Trials qualifier, member of the 1984 Greek Olympic Team, and a nationally-ranked professional triathlete. When reflecting upon his athletic career, Collis describes himself as “an average athlete who was provided an amazing opportunity.”

As John explains, “Without a doubt, I was fortunate to have a mom and dad who understood the importance of providing me with great coaches early in my athletic career. My parents understood that the right coach would provide me with the ability to to maximize my potential inside and outside of the pool. When I reflect back, I realize that each of my coaches had a common element in their teaching style; that is, that true happiness comes through careful planning and a pursuit of principle-centered goals that are bigger than one’s self.”

The coaches that provided Collis with these valuable lessons include such all-time greats as USA National Champion coach Jerry Holtrey, high school national champion-winning coach John Trembley and, finally, the legendary James “Doc” Counsilman, a 3-time Olympic coach, 6-time NCAA and 21-time Big Ten Champion Coach of Indiana University.

Since beginning his professional coaching career, John has remained steadfastly committed to providing his athletes with these same positive life lessons that he learned from his three coaching mentors. Most importantly, his commitment to passing on values like goal-setting, determination, and teamwork is most evident through his selection and building of CSI Athlete’s training staff, whose members exemplify these same standards of high-quality coaching.

“My personal training belief is based upon”The Golden Mean”, the Aristotelian view of pursuing the desirable middle of two extremes…”Pan metron ariston” which translates to ‘Moderation in all things’. The pursuit of instilling The Golden Mean within each of my athletes is of primary importance. There is arguably no other industry that exemplifies such radical, extreme human behavior  than what occurs in the Sports Performance, Fitness and Nutrition Industry. On one end, we have people living a sedentary lifestyle, overindulging in food and alcohol. Left untreated, this extreme behavior will lead one down the path of disease and premature death.  Those that take action to correct this detrimental behavior, tend to pursue the polar opposite path: Choosing to commit their life to unsustainable and potentially detrimental, restrictive diet plans and high-intensity/high impact, “make you puke” workout routines. My goal is to provide my athletes with an effective, proven strategy resulting in obtaining lifelong success: The Golden Mean.”

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