- What is Strength Rx & Endurance Rx Training?

CSI's Strength & Endurance Rx is CSI Athlete's signature Adult Fitness program, designed to provide adults with a fun, safe, sustainable and incredibly effective exercise experience. Your fitness progress can be precisely monitored by incorporating our Proprietary Heart Rate and Lactate Analysis,  This form of training allows you to train at your own personal optimal levels, resulting maximum strength, stamina, cardiovascular endurance and weight management goals.

Strength Rx:  A lifelong, sustainable strength & conditioning program that utilizes each of the components of Power, Strength and Stamina while incorporating "pre-hab" exercises to prepare ancillary muscles necessary in preventing injury. Sessions consist of weightlifting, body weight and suspension training exercises. 

Endurance Rx: Workouts that improve muscular and cardio-respiratory endurance, while developing core stability, balance and increased range of motion. Sessions consist of an integration of programmed interval training, incorporating Rowing, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Jump Roping and other endurance modalities.

- What is the difference between the Strength Rx & Endurance Rx Training Program and other forms of Fitness and Athletic Training?

While there are similarities, the primary difference stems from the fact that Strength Rx & Endurance Rx is field-tested training curriculum, back by science and endorsed by the sports medical community. The program is designed to provide adults of all fitness levels a clear lief-long path to improved health, fitness and athleticism. Strength Rx & Endurance Rx classes are designed to focus on personal strength and conditioning goals.  Athletes will be challenged through progressive resistance, time and intensity, performed under controlled tempo and full range of movement. Our Heart Rate-Lactate monitoring system allows everyone to train at their own optimal intensity.  

- How can I best utilize Strength Rx & Endurance Rx in my life?

There are basically three ways to incorporate Strength Rx & Endurance Rx into you weekly routine; it can be used either as: 

1. A primary form or fitness and athletic enhancement.

2. A strength & conditioning program designed to enhance one's sport.

3. A supplement to any other athletic or fitness activity

- I haven't worked out for years. Will this program be too intense for me?

While many fitness programs claim they are designed for any fitness level, the fact of the matter is that most programs are either too easy or too hard. CSI Athlete's Strength Rx and Endurance Rx workouts are not scaled down to personalize or accommodate; our sessions are designed to improve your level of fitness by providing exercise options that are proven to enhance rather than harm your level of fitness over the years.  Our Heart Rate-Lactate Monitoring System provides each CSI Athlete their own, 'metabolic fingerprint', resulting in in neither over-training or under-training, but rather, training at an intensity designed to maximize your personal health, fitness and athletic goals.