Sport-Strength (Ages 12+)

The athlete that can run the fastest, jump the highest, cut and accelerate the quickest, perform endurance activity at high intensities are those athletes who have the highest strength to body weight ratio. The key to sport speed is improving your relative body strength. Over twenty years in the business of making thousands of athletes stronger and faster, we are confident that we have the sport-specific strength system that will meet the needs of your athlete.

Our staff of coaches are trained and certified under the strict Parisi Speed School standards; we are nationally certified by either NASM, NSCA or ACSM.  Many of us have advanced college degrees in the field of Sport Science and Physical Therapy. We not only understand how to train athletes, we understand what it takes to become an athlete. Our coaches consists of former Division I NCAA athletes, All-Americans, U.S. Olympic trial qualifiers. (Please visit our  "Coaches” page.)

We provide real-time, immediate coaching feedback, making sure our athlete to coaching ratio is kept no higher than 10 athletes to 1 coach.  Each workout is tracked and recorded; we even require our athletes to keep their own training journal. We have learned that this simple but often neglected chore instills an empowering, enthusiastic athlete.

In order to make sure that your athlete’s hard work is paying off, every other month, at no additional fee, we run our Cat Club Challenge. This is the time when all our athletes come together to re-test their speed and strength abilities. For added fun and motivation, we post our athletes top performances for each age group. Our athletes can even compare their performances with other Parisi, NFL, MLB, NBA and Olympic athletes!

Our strength training program consists of functional, athletic and multi-joint movements, executed with precision.  Our athletes learn the principles of tempo, torque and tension. They learn about full range of motion and proper performance breathing techniques. Our athletes understand that form is followed by intensity. Our athletes understand the number one reason why they are strength training: To prevent injury.