Sport-Strength (Ages 13+)

School Year Schedule:  Mon - Fri: 4pm, Mon - Thu: 7pm, Sat: 12:15pm

Summer Schedule (Begins June 4th): Mon - Fri: 10:30am, Mon - Thu: 6pm

The athlete that can run the fastest, jump the highest, cut and accelerate the quickest, perform endurance activity at high intensities are those athletes who have the highest strength to body weight ratio. The key to sport speed is improving your relative body strength. Over twenty years in the business of making thousands of athletes stronger and faster, we are confident that we have the sport-specific strength system that will meet the needs of your athlete.

Our Strength Training Program can be utilized as:

1. A strength & conditioning program designed to enhance one's sport

2. A supplement to any other athletic or fitness activity

3. A primary form or fitness and athletic enhancement

Our strength training program consists of functional, athletic and multi-joint movements, executed with precision.  Our athletes learn the principles of tempo, torque and tension. They learn about full range of motion and proper performance breathing techniques. Our athletes understand that form is followed by intensity. Our athletes understand the number one reason why they are strength training: To prevent injury.

Strength Membership Pricing:

($89 Performance Evaluation & Strength Orientation is required before becoming joining - please call 440-263-5676 to schedule or email 

Drop-In Rate: $20

One Week Pass - Sport Strength: $35

One Week Pass - Sport Speed & Strength: $50

10-Session Package (May be shared): $175 (3 month expiration)

Body Weight Strength

This fun and challenging 60 min session focuses on six key principles :
1. Safety
2 Stamina
3. Strength
4. Speed
5. Balance
6. Mobility
The curriculum provides an integration of functional, full-body exercises, incorporating body weight exercises, bands, suspension trainers, medicine balls and other effective training tools while developing core stability, balance and increased range of motion. 

Barbell Strength

Athletes will be challenged through progressive resistance, time and intensity, performed under controlled tempo and full range of motion.  We will utilize each of the components of Power, Strength and Stamina while incorporating "prehab" exercises to prepare ancillary muscles necessary in preventing injury. Sessions consist of weightlifting, body weight and suspension training exercises. Beginner athletes and athletes who have not been through a Performance Evaluation & Strength Orientation will have modifications to exercises and equipment (PVC pipe versus Barbell, etc).