Our staff of coaches are trained and certified under the strict Parisi Speed School standards; we are nationally certified by either NASM, NSCA or ACSM.  Many of us have advanced college degrees in the field of Sport Science and Physical Therapy. We not only understand how to train athletes, we understand what it takes to become an athlete. Our coaches consists of former Division I NCAA athletes, All-Americans, U.S. Olympic trial qualifiers. (Please visit our  "Coaches” page.)

We provide real-time, immediate coaching feedback, making sure our athlete to coaching ratio is kept no higher than 10 athletes to 1 coach.  Each workout is tracked and recorded; we even require our athletes to keep their own training journal. We have learned that this simple but often neglected chore instills an empowering, enthusiastic athlete.

In order to make sure that your athlete’s hard work is paying off, every season, at no additional fee, we run our Cat Club Performance Combine Challenge. This is the time when all our athletes come together to retest their speed and strength abilities. For added fun and motivation, we post our athletes top performances for each age group. Our athletes can even compare their performances with other Parisi, NFL, MLB, NBA and Olympic athletes!

Primary: Ages 7-10

Improving fundamental athletic skills and self-esteem for young athletes, ages 7-10

Science has proven that ages 7 to 10 are the most critical years in a child's life for motor skill development. Our Level 1 Speed & Conditioning class utilizes the most up to date research in a fun and friendly environment to build your young athlete's physical foundation, and improve coordination and self-esteem through our signature speed and gravity based strength training methods.

Our Level 1 Speed & Conditioning Class is a structured, small group training session consisting of an average of 10 athletes per coach. The program has been proven to enhance Coordination, Running Technique, Acceleration, First Step Quickness, Agility, Change of Direction, Endurance, Body Weight Strength & Conditioning,  Flexibility, Injury Prevention, Weight Loss and Self Confidence.

Junior: Ages 11 - 14

The Parisi Signature Acceleration, Top Speed and Agility curriculum for athletes, ages 11-14

Athletes placed in this group are able to perform the basic requirements of our program and are at the beginner level for strength training allowing them to participate in either the Level 1 or Level 2 Speed & Conditioning Class.

Our Level 2 Speed & Conditioning class is a 1 hour structured, small group training session, consisting of a maximum of 10 athletes per coach, and offers an energetic and competitive environment for training.  Athletes placed in this group are guaranteed to: Improve Speed, Agility & Acceleration, Enhance Coordination & Running Technique, Boost Endurance, Maximize Jumping Ability; Decrease Susceptibility to Injury; Increase Body Weight Strength & Flexibility, Strengthen Self Confidence. 

Senior: Ages 15+

Our Level 3 Sport-Speed class builds upon the linear and multi-directional speed curriculum and introduces advanced, sport-specific drills.

Athletes placed in this group can tolerate more intense levels of training. We integrate sport-specific speed and agility drills, while offering an energetic and competitive environment for athletes ages 15 and older.