University school head Cross Country Head coach and Indiana Track & Field Hall of Fame distance runner Bobby Moldovan will be heading up CSI Athlete's Running Club. The CSI Running Club is open to males & females of all ability levels who are looking to improve performance in running distances of 400m to marathon distances.  The curriculum will integrate our Endurance Rx  curriculum with the focus on a blend of short and long interval sets, tempo runs and running economy/technique. These sessions will be performed at CSI and will utilize  a combination of CSI's Mondo track, Woodway treadmills and outdoor soccer field, when weather permits . The Sunday session is at noon, in which both our CSI Youth Track Club and Adult Running Club will meet at the Brecksville Towpath train station . This workout will include longer base runs, with distances adjusted to match the runners current training level and running event goals.  A seasonal competition schedule will be provided; however meet participation is not required.