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CSI Athlete’s Personal Training and Nutrition Program provides you with a medically-endorsed, time-tested, 20 year proven track record of success. We have helped hundreds of clients of all ages and all fitness levels reach their personal health, fitness and weight loss goals. Our experienced, Nationally Certified Personal Trainers, are committed to providing you an exercise and nutrition plan which will allow you to reach your health, fitness, athletic and weight loss goals.

CSI connects science and exercise in an entirely new way!  We pinpoint your PRIME METABOLIC ZONE through CRA-Testing (Cellular Respiration Analytics Testing).  CRA-Testing is a proprietary test that looks at key metabolic markers identifying PRIME, PEAK and the point at which an individual crosses from Aerobic to Anaerobic.  This enables us to measure, monitor and prescribe appropriate physical activities to enhance performance, improve recovery time, prevent injury and reach ideal body weight.  CSI Athlete delivers the best real time prescriptive tool and data analytics platform in medical fitness and athletic arenas.  We are able to deliver cutting edge performance, fitness, and wellness prescriptions to you while harnessing a multitude of personal, physiological data points.  CSI Athlete utilizes CRA-Testing, putting us ahead of the curve in today's training programs, optimizing each individual's unique physical capabilities in real time.  It is the protocol used to quantify exercise output by the measure of metabolism.  The primary goal is to safely maximize energy production and muscle activation.  This leads to significant gains in strength and conditioning, return to play protocols, weight loss and more.  It doesn't matter if you're an elite ahtlete, patient, fitness enthusiast or average person trying to lose some weight, CSI Athlete will help you transform your metabolism and as a result, transform your body in the fastest, smartest and safest manner.

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The 15-20 minute complimentary consultation will take place over the phone.

During you private consultation, we will discover what fitness program and CSI Personal Trainer will be best for you. We will find out your goals, interests, potential or past obstacles that have prevented you from reaching optimum fitness goals.  At the completion of the your Consultation, you will have a clear plan as to how to reach these goals.

Take the first step to reaching your personal fitness goals today by scheduling a complimentary consultation!

  After you have completed your complimentary consultation, you will proceed through our 3-Step Personal Training Program:

Step 1:  Schedule a Fitness Evaluation

The CSI Fitness Evaluation consists of a one-on-one scheduled appointment with one of CSI’s Certified Personal Trainers.  The evaluation will first consist of taking a thorough history to learn about your current level of fitness, and future fitness and nutritional goals. Your trainer will then perform a series of functional movement, strength and endurance assessments in order to collect some baseline markers. With this information, your Trainer will design and present a detailed training prescription to you.

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Step 2:  Choose a Training Program

Based on your personal preference, we offer a training environment that best matches your personal goals, consisting of either One-on-one Personal Training, Semi-Private or Group Training.  

Package Sessions have been designed for the client interested in working with a particular CSI Coach. The client may reschedule sessions by providing the CSI Coach with at least 24 hour advance notice.

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Step 3: Fitness Performance Review

Every eight weeks, you will be re-assessed in order to make sure you are on target in reaching your fitness and weight loss goals. This is the time that modifications can be made to help accelerate your improvements.