STEP 1: Register for a 7-Day Pass!

This will allow you the opportunity to meet us, and find out firsthand what we do and who we are. If you'd prefer to just try out a class - 

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All classes are 1 hour in length

Athletes will be grouped according to age:

12 & Under

13 & Older


$35 - ONE WEEK PASS - OPEN GYM (Ages 15 - Adult) 

If it's a good fit, we can move onto Step 2: Scheduling a Performance Evaluation & Strength Orientation.

STEP 2: Schedule a Performance Evaluation & Strength Orientation

Cost: $89

Contact us to Schedule:

p. 440-263-5676


The Performance Evaluation and Orientation is a required prerequisite before becoming a CSI Athlete. It is an invaluable first step, consisting of one private coaching session, which will allow our staff to assess your current ability, determine the most suitable programming and introduce you to the skills, knowledge, and general preparedness necessary for success. By offering a one-on-one training session, we minimize distractions and can pay maximum attention to your individual needs. In short, it is your road map to athletic success. 

Athlete History: Your Performance Coach will meet with you (and a parent) in order to learn more about your goals. Questions regarding any previous injuries and/or pre-existing conditions will be addressed.

Active Dynamic Warm up: Our signature ADW will safely and effectively prepare you for training and competition while also serving as an assessment tool for the Performance Coach.

Functional Movement Assessment: Athletes will be put through a series of movements such as a Wobble Board Squat Test, which checks for lower body and core deficiencies as well as a Flexibility Screening in order to assess range of motion of muscle groups that are critical to athletic performance. Utilizing video analysis, your Performance Coach will provide immediate feedback in order to show potential limitations such as muscular imbalances and limited range of motion.

(Youth) Running and Jumping Video Analysis / (Adults) Video Gait Analysis: The Performance Coach will then review and assess your running and jumping mechanics. Utilizing video analysis, your Performance Coach will provide immediate feedback to the athlete in order to improve running and jumping efficiency.

(Adults) Baseline Assessment: The assessment includes a series of strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility exercises. Scores from these tests will provide the athlete a precise measurement of their current level of fitness.

(Youth) Performance Assessment: Each athlete will perform a series of eight tests. These tests include a laser-timed 10 and 20 yard sprints to assess acceleration and top speed running; Vertical Jump to measure force production on a vertical plane; 5 Hop Test to measure force production on a horizontal plane; 5/10/5 to measure agility; Chin-up Test to measure relative body strength.

Strength Training Orientation: What is the PRIMARY reason you are here? To get stronger? Faster? More flexible? To get in shape? To stay in shape? To enhance your sport? While all important, these are all secondary to staying injury free. Perfect mechanics are expected from all our athletes. During your Strength Orientation, we will instruct proper technique and mechanics in the 12 foundational movement patterns, paying strict attention to full range of motion and proper speed of movement. We will instill in our athletes to shut down BEFORE mechanical failure.

Training Prescription: Based on the results collected from your History, Running-Jumping Analysis and Performance Assessment, the Performance Coach will provide a training program specifically designed to help reach your personal goals.  


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Once the Performance Evaluation & Strength Orientation have been completed, your next step to becoming a CSI Athlete is to select the training program that works best with your time, budget and goals.  Be sure to check out our current promotions & the following discounts:

  • 50%: Family Discount (half off any training package after the first Unlimited Package is purchased)
  • <$50> off per month of Unlimited Training for CSI Alumni - College Athletes
  • 15%: College Student Discount
  • 10+ Group / Team Training Discount: 12 & Under <$25 off Unlimited> / 13 & Older <$50 off Unlimited>
  • Referral Rewards: Refer a friend and earn a credit equivalent to one month of their training package.