Testimonial - Michelle C

"Enjoyed 2 classes at CSI Athlete this week. I would sign up tomorrow if we lived here. John is a superior coach/trainer. This group knows what you need to push yourself and meet goals INJURY free. Whether you're a college athlete or working professional this program will get you there. It's not easy but it's rewarding." Michelle C

Testimonial - Janet Z

"I always enjoy the Strength Rx class at 5:30pm. The coaches are great and everyone encourages each other. My daughter can also take the kids Strength & Conditioning class at the same time, so we enjoy our family time together showing it's important to stay healthy." Janet Z

Testimonial - Lisa S

"Strength Rx and Endurance Rx classes have been ideal for me for several reasons:

First of all, you can’t beat the coaching at CSI. You get individualized help within a small group setting from coaches who are attentive, patient, and concerned with your improvement and safety. They are fun and friendly and make each gym visit something to look forward to.

The programming at CSI, in which Strength and Endurance alternate, provides for balanced and very do-able workouts. I know that I have done something good for my body in a safe and controlled way. There’s no dread factor when working out at CSI. I’ve never gotten bored (since 2012!) and I always look forward to coming back.

Finally, it’s a beautiful facility; spacious and open with plenty of equipment that allows for a lot of freedom and variety. I have much LOVE for Strength Rx and Endurance Rx at CSI!" Lisa S

Testimonial - Lisa D

"I am new to CSI Athlete since January. I was looking for something different and challenging but needed to find some place that could teach me how to perform exercises properly, with good body mechanics, so I would not hurt myself. John as CSI is great with this and takes time to show you the movements and correct your body position, especially your back, which is really important. The workouts are challenging and the environment is non intimidating. The coaches are all great and I am enjoying my time there. I recommend the Strength Rx and Endurance Rx for anyone looking to improve there function, mobility and over health & fitness level. Thanks" Lisa D.

Testimonial - P. Randle

"CSI has improved my overall conditioning. I've noticed my strength improving and my physical appearance. My oldest nephew also works out with the kids and he notices his improvement as well. CSI provides a professional, friendly, and challenging environment." P. Randle