Dear Athletes, Parents and Coaches,

Thank you for checking out the CSI Athlete.  There are countless benefits to sports including self-discipline, good sportsmanship, and time management skills. Competition allows athletes to experience success and to learn how to treat success and failure as two sides of the same coin, while becoming healthy and physically fit, getting strong, getting fast, meeting friends and having fun. 

CSI’s training philosophy is quite simple, yet surprisingly rare in American sports today: CSI Builds Athletes. Our unique commitment to prioritizing athletic development has resulted in the development of great athletes. This approach to training has proven to provide our athletes a foundation in which sport specific skills can be greatly maximized. Sadly, most sports in the US tend to focus mostly on sport-specific skills. This short-term success model of developing an over-skilled, under-athletic child leads to minimal long-term success in their sport while increasing the risk of overuse injuries and emotional burnout.

While some organizations have begun to understand that skill development should follow athletic development, few teams are truly doing anything to reverse this trend. This is where CSI comes in.  CSI has invested in coaches that are trained and committed to athletic development.  The training takes place in our state of the art sports performance and strength training facility.  “We Build Athletes” is more than a slogan; it is a lifestyle for our entire CSI family.

Our coaching staff has grown and developed many great athletes, state champions, national champions, Olympic trial qualifiers and professional athletes.  We are excited to continue that tradition and look forward to working with you to help you reach your peak potential.  Please feel free to call to find out more information or to get started!


John S. Collis III, Ph.D. CSCS

CSI Program Director

p. 440-263-5676

e. schedule@csiathlete.com

Our Team

CSI Athlete puts pride in selecting a team of coaches that not only have the minimal training requirements, but where the majority also hold advance degrees in the field of Exercise Science, Physiology and Kinesiology as well as nationally accredited personal training certifications, including CSCS.  Our knowledgeable coaches also bring a wealth of experience from all walks of life, from an Olympic level swimmer to former professional athletes. This unique blend of experience allows us the ability to share our knowledge in a safe, effective and personable manner; it is the main reason why we continue to produce elite level athletes year in and year out.


John S. Collis III, Ph.D. CSCS

CSI Athlete Owner, Executive Director

 with Senator Matt Dolan and 2018 & 2019 State Record Holder, National Champion & CSI Athlete, Hannah Bach

Email johnc@csiathlete.com

     John Collis is the founder and director of CSI Athlete.  After spending 25 years of his professional career dedicated to empowering the lives of people of all ages and all abilities through improved health and fitness and nearly twenty years of owning and operating a large fitness club in the area, the Exercise Physiologist made the decision to sell the fitness club in order to focus exclusively on his true passion of coaching.  In 2009, Collis opened Cleveland Sports Institute, a health, fitness and athletic performance facility.  

     Collis is a former All-American distance freestyler, US Olympic Trials qualifier, member of the 1984 Greek Olympic Team, and a nationally-ranked professional triathlete. When reflecting upon his athletic career, Collis describes himself as "an average athlete who was provided an amazing opportunity."

     As John explains, "Without a doubt, I was fortunate to have a mom and dad who understood the importance of providing me with great coaches early in my athletic career. My parents understood that the right coach would provide me with the ability to to maximize my potential inside and outside of the pool. When I reflect back, I realize that each of my coaches had a common element in their teaching style; that is, that true happiness comes through careful planning and a pursuit of principle-centered goals that are bigger than one's self."

     The coaches that provided Collis with these valuable lessons include such all-time greats as USA National Champion coach Jerry Holtrey, high school national champion-winning coach John Trembley and, finally, the legendary James "Doc" Counsilman, a 3-time Olympic coach, 6-time NCAA and 21-time Big Ten Champion Coach of Indiana University.

     Since beginning his professional coaching career, John has remained steadfastly committed to providing his athletes with these same positive life lessons that he learned from his three coaching mentors. Most importantly, his commitment to passing on values like goal-setting, determination, and teamwork is most evident through his selection and building of CSI Athlete's training staff, whose members exemplify these same standards of high-quality coaching.

     "My personal training belief is based upon"The Golden Mean", the Aristotelian view of pursuing the desirable middle of two extremes..."Pan metron ariston" which translates to 'Moderation in all things'. The pursuit of instilling The Golden Mean within each of my athletes is of primary importance. There is arguably no other industry that exemplifies such radical, extreme human behavior  than what occurs in the Sports Performance, Fitness and Nutrition Industry. On one end, we have people living a sedentary lifestyle, overindulging in food and alcohol. Left untreated, this extreme behavior will lead one down the path of disease and premature death.  Those that take action to correct this detrimental behavior, tend to pursue the polar opposite path: Choosing to commit their life to unsustainable and potentially detrimental, restrictive diet plans and high-intensity/high impact, "make you puke" workout routines. My goal is to provide my athletes with an effective, proven strategy resulting in obtaining lifelong success: The Golden Mean."


Glen Kalbaugh

 Olympic Weight Lifting Coach

Email glen@csiathlete.com

    Glen Kalbaugh is a Sports Performance, Weightlifting, and Strength Coach. Glen graduated from East Carolina University in 2014 with a B.S. in Physical Education and completed his USAW Level One Sports Performance coaching certification the same year. He has a strong history of putting his knowledge to good use with multiple years of coaching high school football and weightlifting. He enjoys assisting athletes in meeting their goals, and coming up with an individualized plan for every client that walks through the door. Glen played football in high school as an offensive lineman and played a year of college football before his career was ended by an injury. After, football Glen took up weightlifting and has competed since January 2013 in countless national, state, and local weightlifting competitions. He is also involved with the weightlifting community by coaching, judging and assisting in managing several weightlifting events. 


Michael Schmid

 AVC Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Email mike@csiathlete.com

An upcoming USSF D License coach and ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, with over 20+ years of decorated soccer experience (High School, College, and Professional), Michael Schmid has a true love for the game of soccer. Even though he is hard of hearing and a Type 1 Diabetic, Mikey has always been a positive, upbeat model and continues to overcome adversity, using soccer as an avenue to push forward in his life and path.

     He is constantly thriving to improve his fitness and soccer knowledge to become a more complete player and coach. With a 32-19-3 record as the head coach of Oberlin High School Varsity Soccer, he has found insightful ways to coach individuals and teams to success on and off the field and play with a passion for the game. He hopes to continue to inspire the athletes he comes across to show they can achieve many goals if they continue to work at their craft and keep their sights on their goals.

Additional Info:

     Michael Schmid has been hard of hearing ever since he was born (75% deaf in right ear and 90% deaf in left ear). He has worn hearing aids since he was diagnosed when he was two years old to overcome his hearing disability. Mikey was sent to Masson elementary school in Lorain to learn sign language and speak English at the same time to communicate with all of his peers. He worked hard to overcome many obstacles and one of the avenues he used to overcome his adversity is a sport he lives and breathes through and what is known as the most popular sport in the world: soccer.

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Brian Kornowski

 Sports Performance Coach

Email bmk2133@gmail.com 

Brian has been a CSI Athlete since his sophmore year of high school at Padua Franciscan. After high school, he went onto John Carrol University and graduated with a degree in Finance.  As a student athlete, Brian not only excelled in the classroom, but also on the football field, racking up a list of athletic accomplishments, including: 

  • 1st Team all NCL @ Padua Franciscan
  • Team Captain @ JCU
  • 2017 Leading Receiver @ JCU
  • Honorable Mention Receiver in OAC
  • D3 All Star Team


Administrative Support


Katey Collis

Email kateyc@csiathlete.com